How to Save a Video on Tiktok Without Posting It

To save a video on TikTok without posting it, begin by opening the app and recording your video. Once you have finished recording, click the ‘Next’ button in the bottom right corner of the screen. On the next page, adjust any settings such as filters or music before pressing ‘Save’.

This will save your video to your camera roll without publishing it to TikTok. To access this saved file, open up your photo gallery through either your device’s home screen or through an app like Google Photos. You should see all of your photos and videos stored here – including those that are saved from TikTok but not posted yet.

  • Open the TikTok app on your device and log in to your account
  • Locate the video you want to save within the “For You” page or other pages of interest, and tap on it to open it up for viewing
  • Tap on the hamburger menu icon located at top right corner of the video (three horizontal lines)
  • Select Save Video option from this menu list which will save a copy of that particular video without posting it online onto your profile or into newsfeeds for others to watch it immediately after saving

How to Save Your Own Tiktok Video Without Watermark

If you want to save your own TikTok video without a watermark, the easiest way is to use a third-party app like VidMate or Snaptik. These apps allow you to download videos from TikTok and save them on your phone without the watermark. They also offer tons of other useful features such as converting videos into different formats, adding subtitles, and more.

How to Save Tiktok Video Without Posting Iphone

Saving a TikTok Video without Posting on iPhone is simple and requires no special apps or software. All you need to do is open the TikTok app, find the video that you want to save, and press down on it until a menu appears. Select “Save” from this menu and your video will be stored in your camera roll for future viewing!

How to Save Your Own Tiktok Video in Gallery

If you’re an avid Tiktok user, you may have wondered how to save your own videos in the gallery. It’s actually very easy! All you need to do is open the video on which you’ve just finished working and tap “share”.

Then select the option that says “save video” and it will be stored in your device’s gallery. Alternatively, if you are using an Android device, there is a setting within the app where you can toggle “Save to Gallery” on or off for all of your videos.

Download Tiktok Video

Downloading a video from TikTok is easy! All you need to do is open the app and find the video you want to download. Once you have it, simply tap the “Share” button found at the bottom of the screen and select “Save Video”.

The video will then be downloaded directly onto your device. This will allow you to keep your favorite videos so that you can watch them whenever and wherever you like!

Download Tiktok Video Without Watermark Python

Downloading TikTok videos without a watermark can be done with the help of Python. Using simple Python scripts, you can easily download any video from TikTok with no watermark attached to it. This is especially useful for those who don’t want their content to have an extra layer of branding attached to it.

The most important step when downloading a video from TikTok using Python is finding the correct URL for the video which will allow you to access and download it. Once that’s taken care of, all that remains is running the script and saving your desired file type!

How to Save a Video on Tiktok Without Posting It


How Do I Save a Tiktok Draft to My Camera Roll Without Posting It?

If you have created a TikTok video that you would like to save to your camera roll without posting it, then don’t worry! It’s easy to do. All you need is the official TikTok app and an iPhone or Android device.

First, record your video as normal in the TikTok app. When you’re done, tap on ‘drafts’ at the bottom of the screen, which will open up your saved drafts (or create one if it’s your first time). Tap on the draft of your video and select ‘save draft’.

From there, click on ‘share’, followed by ‘camera roll’ – this will allow you to save it directly onto your phone without having to post it publicly. And that’s all there is to it! With just a few quick steps, now you know how to save a TikTok draft straight onto your camera roll without actually sharing it online.

How Do I Save a Tiktok Video As a Draft?

If you’re looking to save a TikTok video as a draft, the process is quite simple. First, open up the TikTok app and find the video you want to save for later editing. Then, press ‘Next’ at the bottom of your screen and select ‘Save Draft’ from the list provided.

This will immediately store your work in progress without having to publish it. You can also edit any information such as captions or hashtags before saving, making it easier for when you decide to come back and finish working on your project later down the line. Once finished with all edits, simply hit ‘Publish’ or choose another option from the list if desired.

And there you go – your TikTok has been saved as a draft!

How to Save Tiktok Video Without Posting 2023?

In the coming years, saving a TikTok video without posting it in 2023 will be easier than ever before. With more and more features being added to the popular social media app, users will have access to multiple ways of downloading their favorite videos from other creators. One method that is sure to prove useful for those wishing to save videos without posting them is by using screen recording software.

This type of software allows you to record any activity on your device’s screen including streaming content from apps like TikTok. The recordings are then saved as files that can be viewed and shared with others or kept privately for later viewing. For an even simpler way of preserving your favorite clips, you could also use a third-party website such as 9xbuddy which provides easy steps for downloading videos directly from TikTok into your device’s memory.

Another option, if available through the app itself, would be taking screenshots of certain parts of the video or creating GIFs out of portions that you love most – all without having them posted anywhere online! With these options at hand and many new ones likely being developed in the future, saving TikTok videos without posting them in 2023 should be a breeze!

How To Save TikTok Video Without Posting


In conclusion, saving a video on TikTok without posting it is completely possible and easy to do. All you need to do is open your profile page, tap the “+” icon, select the video you want to save and press “Save Video” at the bottom of the screen. Once saved, you can access it from your phone gallery or wherever else you choose to store it.

There are plenty of ways that this feature can be used for creating content or simply saving memories. With these steps in mind, anyone should now have an understanding of how they can easily save a video on TikTok without having to post it publicly.

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