How to Get into Saarthal Excavation Without a Key

The easiest way to get into Saarthal Excavation without a key is by using the Unrelenting Force shout. If you have already unlocked it, use it on the door and it should open automatically. You can also choose to use Lockpicking if your skill level is high enough; simply equip any lockpick and try to unlock the door.

If both of these methods fail, then you could try looking around for another entrance or ask someone nearby who might know how to gain access.

  • Go to the Hall of Countenance in The College of Winterhold which houses the entrance to Saarthal Excavation: You’ll find this location by travelling east from Winterhold, past the Temple of Miraak and into a small clearing with a wooden bridge leading towards a large stone building
  • Talk to Tolfdir about getting access to Saarthal Excavation: Speak with him and he will tell you that he has been trying for weeks to get inside but is unable due to not having a key
  • Complete the quest “Under Saarthal”: This is an optional quest given by Tolfdir, who tasks you with finding four magical artifacts in order to gain access into the excavation site without needing a key
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  • Enter through one of two alternate entrances: Once all four artifacts have been retrieved, two new paths open up – one on either side of the College’s main entrance – allowing you entry into Saarthal Excavation without needing any kind of key or lockpick skill set whatsoever!

Saarthal Excavation Key Location

The Saarthal Excavation Key Location is a secret room located within the ancient Nordic ruin of Saarthal, which can be found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The key to access this hidden chamber lies inside the ruins and must be retrieved by players who wish to explore it. Inside, adventurers will find powerful magical artifacts and powerful enchantments that are essential for any would-be Dragonborn’s arsenal.

Saarthal Excavation Key Code

The Saarthal Excavation Key Code is a key item in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, used to unlock one of the four doors leading into the ancient Nordic ruin of Saarthal. It can be found during the quest “Under Saarthal”, given by Tolfdir at The College of Winterhold after completing his first set of lectures. Once obtained, it will allow players to explore deeper within the ruins and uncover its secrets.

Saarthal Excavation Key Id

The Saarthal Excavation Key Id is a necessary item for those looking to explore the ruins of Saarthal, an ancient Nordic ruin located in Skyrim. It can be obtained from Arvakr, a ghost found near the entrance of Saarthal. The Key Id allows adventurers to access previously blocked areas within the ruin and helps them in their exploration efforts as they unravel its mysteries.

Saarthal Puzzle

Saarthal is an ancient Nordic ruin located in the province of Skyrim. It contains a complex puzzle which must be solved in order to gain access to its hidden treasures. The puzzle consists of four pillars, each with a set of symbols that must be unlocked and matched with the correct combination before proceeding further into the ruins.

This requires patience, observation and problem-solving skills; however, those who are able to successfully complete this challenge will find themselves rewarded with powerful magical artifacts and other unique rewards.

Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Saarthal

In Saarthal, you can find one of three Gauldur Amulet Fragments. It is located in the tomb east of the city and requires a key to access. Inside, you will find several enemies, including draugr and frostbite spiders.

Once all enemies have been defeated, search for the Gauldur Amulet Fragment on top of a table near an Ancient Nord Artefact.

How to Get into Saarthal Excavation Without a Key


How Do You Open the Gate in Saarthal Excavation?

To open the gate in Saarthal excavation, you will need to obtain a key from an apprentice mage named Tolfdir. Once he has been located near the entrance of the ruins, simply speak with him and ask for his assistance. He will then provide you with a key that opens the gate leading into Saarthal’s depths as well as give you some useful advice on how to proceed safely.

After opening the gate, it is important to note that there are two separate paths: one is a straight path forward which leads directly toward where your goal lies; while another spirals around until it reaches its destination. It is important to remember that once inside Saarthal’s depths, there are various traps and magical wards set up by long dead mages so tread carefully!

How to Get into Saarthal Without College?

Entering college without a degree is an achievable goal. With the right resources, you can get into Saarthal and pursue higher education even if you don’t have a college diploma. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to take advantage of non-traditional education options such as online courses or short-term certificate programs.

These types of programs offer more flexibility than traditional four-year colleges and universities and often cost less money too. You may also want to look into alternative student loan options that are available for those without a college degree, such as federal loans or private lenders. Additionally, some employers will consider hiring applicants without a college background in certain positions if they have relevant experience or skills from previous jobs, volunteer work, internships, etc.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that no matter what path you choose for getting into Saarthal – whether it be through traditional academic routes or alternate methods – your hard work and dedication should not go unrecognized!

How Do You Get Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Saarthal?

Getting the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Saarthal can be a tricky task. To begin, you must first obtain the key to enter Saarthal. You can get this by talking to Aranea Ienith at the College of Winterhold or traveling to Mzulft and finding it there.

Once inside Saarthal, you will find yourself in a large room with two puzzles that need solving before you can progress further into the ruins. The first puzzle involves using your magic abilities to move stones around until they form certain shapes; if done correctly, three platforms will rise from the ground allowing access deeper within Saarthal. After completing this puzzle, head down what appears to be a dead end but is in fact an illusion created by ancient Nordic magics which requires unlocking with another set of symbols found throughout Saarthal’s walls and floors – once these are placed in their correct order on panels located around the area all illusions blocking entrance into deeper parts of Saarthal will dissipate revealing various hidden rooms and passages filled with draugr awaiting your arrival!

Finally make your way through these areas until you reach one containing a Word Wall; upon reading its inscription aloud the Gauldur Amulet Fragment shall appear freeing it from its magical bindings!

How Do You Solve the Saarthal Excavation Puzzle?

The Saarthal excavation puzzle can be solved by first examining the various artifacts found in the ruins. In particular, it is important to note that there are four different symbols on each of these relics – an eagle, a snake, a whale, and a wolf. To solve the puzzle, one must arrange these symbols in order so that they form a continuous circle around the central stone at the center of the room.

Start by arranging two pairs of symbols – an eagle and snake on one side; a whale and wolf on the other side. Next, place each symbol between its neighbors until all four are aligned correctly around the stone. Once this is done correctly, you will have completed your solving of Saarthal’s excavation puzzle!

How Do I Open the Puzzle Door in Saarthal?

Opening the puzzle door in Saarthal is no small feat. It requires a great deal of knowledge, patience and determination to successfully complete this quest. First you must find the four ancient tablets scattered throughout Saarthal, each containing part of a unique combination that can unlock the door.

Once you have all four tablets, combine them together to create an enchanted key which will open the door. You may also need specific ingredients such as fire salts or void salts in order to activate certain mechanisms within the puzzle door itself. Finally, when all steps are taken care of and you’ve collected all necessary items for opening the mystery door, approach it cautiously as there might be traps waiting for unwary adventurers!

Good luck on your journey – with enough hard work and dedication, you can make it through this challenge!

Skyrim Saarthal Excavation Key


In conclusion, getting into Saarthal excavation without a key can be tricky but with the right knowledge and skills, it is possible. With the tips mentioned in this article, you can now try to enter Saarthal successfully and access all of its secrets! Just remember to always check your surroundings for traps or other surprises before entering any unknown area.

Good luck on your journey!

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